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The World of Financial Brokers today

Broker word cloudLast month I agreed to put my head on the chopping block and give my general observations of Financial Brokers in Ireland today, my views formed by the work I’ve been fortunate to carry out with a great number of you over the last four years. So here goes… A very resilient bunch of people This is my overall sense […]

Set great Performance Goals for 2015

sI wrote a few months ago about the important role that goal setting plays in getting your whole team pulling in the same direction. We’re now going to dig a bit deeper and set out a few thoughts on how to develop really effective goals to help to drive your business forwards. Align the Goals In my previous article on this topic, […]

Are you the Right Adviser for your Target Clients?

Are You a Go To Person? on a cork notice board“Don’t be silly, of course I am”, I hear you answer indignantly! If so, what makes you truly, uniquely the right adviser for your target clients? Here are a few thoughts that will help your target clients to recognise you as the only adviser in town for them. Know who your target market is Do you really know who your target market […]

How are you going to exit your business?

There Must Be Some Way Out Of Here ConceptThis is a question that continuously exercises all business owners. How are they going to leverage their business to support their desired lifestyle when they want to stop working? This article explores some of the main areas you might consider to increase your chances of achieving your end goal in relation to your business. What are your goals? First of […]

Are your Advisers doing what YOU want them to do?

Tug of warA challenge faced by many financial advice firms… The target market is clearly defined, the value proposition is carefully constructed and articulated and a suite of marketing supports are developed to help the team of advisers go out and attract a cohort of new clients. And then…nothing. Well not quite nothing, but not the results that are being sought by […]

Can you get more from your CRM system?

CRM. Customer relationship marketing  concept.In the last year or two, there has been a significant upsurge in financial advice firms wanting to unlock the opportunities offered by CRM systems. For some, this has meant seeking to place it at the heart of their sales processes, for others their challenge has been to use it as more than a glorified address book. For others, they […]

What do you Measure in your Financial Advice Business?

measuring tapeAt the end of the day for most advisers, there’s one measure that stands head and shoulders above the rest in terms of importance – profitability. Until recently, many firms actually didn’t view profitability as their key metric; their main focus was on income. This was usually backwards looking, i.e. examining income in the last 12 months, or sometimes also […]

Increase the Value of your Financial Advice Business

Added Value - Highway SignI’m often asked how an adviser can increase the value of their business beyond the discounted value of your future income stream. This is particularly relevant for advisers who are looking to exit, and want to achieve the greatest sale price possible for their business. It’s an area that I’ve written about before, but you might want to consider in […]

Will Clients Pay Annual Fees?

Annual feeThe whole area of fees sends a chill down the spine of lots of financial advisers. How much do you charge? Will clients pay? Will they pay every year? These are some of the questions I’m asked all the time. Yes we’ve seen moves towards fees in other markets, with a lot of focus on the changes in the UK […]

Beat your competition all ends up!

The race is onYou’ve been approached to pitch for the opportunity to advise a really great prospective client, maybe a wealthy individual with a lot of assets to manage or a pension scheme for a local company. However you also know that another adviser has been given the same opportunity…. So what do you do? One route obviously is to go in “as […]